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Learlearn mindfulness training australian Mindfulness Training Australia in a social setting with other enthusiastic and motivated participants.  Mindfulness is simply being present in the moment.  Whilst it is deceptively simple, the key benefits are only absorbed if you are able to maintain this presence for sustained time periods.

Meditation is different from mindfulness in that meditation is setting aside a specific time for maintaining an awareness of the gaps in between thoughts.  Mindfulness, on the other hand, is all about bringing and increased awareness and sensitivity to often routine and mundane daily activities so that you are present and engaged with the process.

One of the most effective ways to practice mindfulness is to engage in meditation – and from this develops a skillset of cultivating your attention – which is then transferred over to the practice of mindfulness.

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Mindfulness could be called the non-religious practice of meditation, considering meditation has been appropriated by so many religious teachers since ancient times.

In cultivating a non-sectarian approach to mindfulness, it has gained a strong toehold in the corporate sector, where any religious overtones might otherwise be challenged.

Training and the steady process of refining your attention skills are the foundation of most Buddhist and psychological ideas of mindfulness practice.

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There are strong neurophysiological symptoms associated with mindfulness.  Things like learning to direct your attention function really have an impact on character traits like resilience and grit.

Mindfulness itself has been proven to positively affect the way that people can direct their thoughts towards positive psychology elements.  And by doing this, they can better manage things like eating disorders, attention and behaviour deficits and addictions.

Mindfulness is the action of staying with the present moment and bringing your awareness to what you are experiencing at the present moment.  Mindfulness is most importantly a practice and an action – and it requires that you bring your focus to it on an almost constant basis to experience the full benefits.

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Most importantly, it is interesting to note that the increase in attention focus can be of real benefits when it comes to emotional regulation and mindset mastery.

Mindfulness can be a powerful way for an individual to confront their own personal preferences as to why they are driven to want things so badly – like addiction – and how they can self-control their behaviour so as to lessen the negative side effects.

Negative side effects of addiction include weight gain and loss of health but also legal challenges and the breakdown of family.  Mindfulness Training Australia can help with this.  Being less negatively impacted by being able to modulate your own behaviour can be a powerful incentive for people suffering in such situations.

The work of Jon Kabat Zinn has transformed mindfulness in the last 20 years or so.

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Kabat Zinn helpfully defined mindfulness as

“the awareness that emerges through paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally to the unfolding of experience moment by moment.”

Learning Mindful and awareness skills helps with training the attention.  When you have more control and mastery of where your attention is focused, you can experience massive personal growth and development in terms of your cognitive flexibility.

Mindfulness Training Australia is best manifest in terms of non-judging awareness of your own thoughts and the grace to see your own failings in more forgiving terms.  Self talk and your inner dialogue is also softened through attention to cultivating mindfulness.

Overall, embracing a mindfulness approach results in a noticeable changes in the quality of personal behaviour and positive outcomes for health and wellness.

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Focused Attention and Open Monitoring are two types of self awareness that are taught as part of any mindfulness program.  First off though, we start with meditations to calm and stabilize the mind – to bring a calmness and clarity about your own thought cycle so you have more than just a non-meditators knowledge of your own thought processes.

Focused Attention is when you develop attention stability and can reset and re-focus on the gap in between thoughts more and more efficiently without getting frustrated impatient or wanting to end the meditation experience.  Early on in everyone’s meditation experience, it is this factor that leads to the biggest drop out and frustration factor.  People beginning meditation feel as thought they are not making progress and reset to the gap over and again seems like a never ending struggle.Mindfulness Training Australia Workshop

With experience and patience comes understanding.  Mindfulness Training Australia is about the connection between the action and the doing.  It is being able to tolerate your own inexperience and ego based expectation that is should be a certain way in the early stages of meditation that drives many beginning meditation students away for good.  So pause and reflect on your progress often and be exceedingly gentle on your own self assessment of your progress.  Most likely, you are doing just fine and if anything a little less pressure and expectation on yourself will allow you to flourish.

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