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about meditation and mindfulness australia

Picture this – it’s mid winter – July, windy, rainy, overcast, the sky a metal grey for the fifth day in a row.  My wife and I were holed up in some godforsaken little motel on the western suburbs of Sydney whilst we negotiated the sale of our business.  Stressful, challenging times – letting go of a decade of work and passion at the same time as encouraging the new owner to embrace the business model.

learn to meditate

We came back home after three nights away and our handover completely spent and exhausted.  Lying on the lounge watching reality TV, thinking what are we going to do with the rest of our lives?

And you know – sometimes the most powerful, profound moments are just like that – so subtle and apparently mundane that if you are not self aware and in touch with your intuition you could quite easily dismiss it as a bit of anxiety or even indigestion(!)

So, a few months later we had started our personal coaching certification program and we were diving deep into meditation and learning all there is to know about holistic health.  I started yoga five days a week, and have kept it going for the past four years, and I took my afternoon walks up a level and now I can say I have completed three half marathons.

It’s a journey and it’s an exploration and the best thing is you’re invited and we like to call it the mindfulness experience.  It’s a bit oddsnsodds – but it’s mostly a deep dive into meaningful living and connecting with your essential values and life purpose.