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Greetings fellow SCAdians and other fellow re-enactors.

 My name is Raquel Cameron; also known in the SCA world as Baroness Anastasia del Valente; Baroness of Mordenvale, or Tasia for short. My husband and I have been playing now for 9 years and have come to love the game we play. I began this website after many months of frustration at trying to buy the items required to sew our garb. It seemed that most of my fellow re-enactors in Mordenvale (Newcastle area) also had been unsuccessful at buying the required adornments. So began Odds 'n' Sods, a business that now imports from four countries so that fellow Lochac (Australian & New Zealand) re-enactors have a place to buy their needs to make their experience a little more accurately period - or at least, further from mundane.

 My husband and I travel to a select few events with our three boys and can be seen at the various Market days - Rowany Festival, Spring War, Great Northern War and Tocal; plus other events we may get to. So please come by and greet us - we are always happy to meet new gentles of this fine land.