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Medieval necklaces and neck bands were often quite simple. Strings made up of pearls or beads of rock crystal or glass were very popular and universally worn by the upper classes during the Renaissance. Though uncommon, such necklaces were used earlier as well: strings consisting of 1339 beads (1274 carved from rock crystal, the rest made from glass) dating from the early thirteenth century were found in a clay vessel in the Michailowski monastery in Kiev during archaeological excavations. 

More sophisticated necklaces, such as the one from the treasure of Empress Gisela (11th century) found in Mainz, were made up of pearls, beads, and jewels arranged in an intricate design, or consisted of large metal beads decorated with gold filigree and enamel.

Bracelets were similarly made of pearls, beads or metal decorated in various ways.